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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
truth is though... i can see it being taken to court...

People V's A(_._).STinc

".... so what evidence of the transference of copyright do mr McEwan ?...", said Judge Jones.

Bill pulls smalll crumped up paper from pocket...

"... see if you look carefully.. its says clearly here in crayola and in Fleecy's handwriting that the IP was signed for by CBM.... honest....."

yeah..... its a moot point arguable.... i am not even sure that A.Inc even really OWN them.... i reckon they license them... but from whom?????......
You have a point that even if I were correct (no way am I saying I am BTW) it would be a pointless folly to prove.
Although.... I used to play city of heroes and was around when Marvel tried to sue them for copyright infringement.
You would be amazed at some of the lengths companies go to to try and claim copyright. The marvel vs Cryptic case is widely reported on the net if you need to take a look.
It transpired that Marvel created the offending copyrights in the game themselves!!
More interestingly some of the so called copyrights they didn't have rights to at all, a lot had not been transferred correctly and some were even public domain. There is a very long thread on the COH website about it.
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