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Originally Posted by FromWithin View Post
Don't know where you're reading your copyright law, Mr. Eclipse, but you're very wrong. Nothing needs to be registered for copyright to be enforced. All Kickstart versions are copyrighted from their moment of inception.

In the U.K:
"Copyright is an automatic right and arises whenever an individual or company creates a work. To qualify, a work should be regarded as original, and exhibits a degree of labour, skill or judgement."

Not only is registration unnecessary, but there is nowhere in the U.K to register with regardless.

In the U.S:
"While copyright in the United States automatically attaches upon the creation of an original work of authorship, registration with the Copyright Office puts a copyright holder in a better position if litigation arises over the copyright. "

Registration is not necessary, and is purely for the paranoid to show proof of creation.
You do have to register it if you want to transfer the work.
When Commodore went bust, Escom would have had to register as the new copyright holder. It's the only circumstance in which you do need to register it.

From the US Copyright Office:
Transfer of Copyright

Any or all of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights or any subdivision of those rights may be transferred, but the transfer of exclusive rights is not valid unless that transfer is in writing and signed by the owner of the rights conveyed or such owner’s duly authorized agent. Transfer of a right on a nonexclusive basis does not require a written agreement.
3.0 is nowhere to be seen and 3.1OS wasn't registered until 2007. Somethings definately not right.
Do you guys not remember that Escom didn't actually want them? They only really wanted the Commodore name and the Patents that go with it. They wanted nothing really to do with the Amiga.

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