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Originally Posted by Bobic View Post
[...] this demo is not working with WinUAE [...]
Originally Posted by Frog View Post
it seems to work under WinUAE [...]
Opinions differ, it seems
I personaly heard on PPA, that it does have trouble on a real Amiga and works WinUAE, because it was developed on it.

Originally Posted by Frog View Post
Personnaly i've been more amazed by Soliloquy than by Linger In Shadows by Plastic.
Ditto, it's just the cat and his fur that made me go WOW!

Personally, I think it was much more enojoyable to watch Amy's demos, than PC's that almost made me fell asleep.
Nothing to compare with Crysis, the bestest&longest slide show demo in the pc world, currently!

Each and every one of Amy's productions had something interesting, and those 2 that won were THE BEST!
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