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That's interesting.
3.1 is not called Amiga OS which is what they have registered it as.
Also transfer of copyright has to have the express title of the work on all it's mediums. That would be Kickstart 3.1 No. XXXX (Like the old Commodore registered it like) and Workbench v XXXX.
For a copyright to hold you have to express it as a medium. They've goofed up and registered Amiga OS3.1.
If you look back at the copyrights transfered from Commodore you will see everything up to 2.05.
They've made the 3.1 copyright themselves.
I suspect it wasn't transfered and they did it anyway. Transfer has to be granted by writing by the original author.
Now that leaves KS 3.0. I don't see that either.
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