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[Amiga] Retro Football game tournament this May (Kick Off 2)

I posted a few months ago with regards to any interest in KO2 and managed to get a few responses so I thought I would make people aware of a tournament this coming May! Infact, this is not just another tournament...this is a UK Championship! Where players from all over the UK descend somewhere (this year its Birmingham) and play on out of date, energy guzzling computers and relive a much simpler time (their youth!)

BIRMINGHAM - May 3rd to May 4th 2008

Basically, we'l be hiring a fairly large room which will be packed out with Amiga's and then playing quite a few games of Kick Off 2. Trophies will be had and if you'r up for it, there will be plenty of drinks, meal after the games, real football and then onto a club - but if you want to retire early then thats fine as well.

Normally for these events there's typically 15 people or so, however they seem to get far more players attend these in other countries so Im sure good old blighty can do a lot better! We want to get at least 20!

So what you say? Whether you'v played the game before or not...there are plenty of newbies who turn up so you wont be on your own and whether you prefer Sensible doesent matter - its all the same...1 button and 1 controller. None of this 20 buttons stuff to memorise. A simpler game, from more civilised times

If you want to enter the realm of KO2 then please do so at the following forum:

Alternatively, if you want to email me for more details or to register your interest then please do so at the following addy:
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