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Originally Posted by coze View Post
[...] NVScene, whatever it is [...]
My guess is, it's another one of those geeky computer parties . I think I saw an invite to it in one of those demos, where was it? California, USA methinks...

So, you liked the show, the organization?

Two situations from saturday bring a smile to my face each time I think about'em.

1. Everyone's accent was fun to hear, and I'm not talking about Germans only
One of the polish guys who run one of the compos on saturday, constantly said "DIMOUS" instead of DEMOS.

2. Voting graphic engine breakdown on saturday's compo start.
Firstly the guy who run the show has *guaranteed* everyone how deeply they've checked the system, how one guy tried to break it and another guy always put it back, and when the compo was about to start.... blank black page appeared.

Murphy's law for the win?

After a few minutes, someone from the croud yell: "Scheisse!!!" and the guy who runs the show replied: "Ja! Scheisse mit diese scheisse!!!!!"

A couple of minutes passed since they've finally got it running, and eveyrthing went well then.
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