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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
Looks like a good list overall.

What was the reason for including Colossal Adventure for the Amiga?

Considered Mean 18 vs Leaderboard? (I don't know which one would be better)

Thought about Flight Simulator II? (perhaps this was more of a simulation rather than a game, although there is a game part of it).

Don't have any strong opinions on any exclusions, would like to hear your views.

EDIT: Just realised you excluded Archon. Oh well, we don't all have the same opinions.
Archon could make its way back in... or the sequel. Latest thought is to cover World Class Leaderboard instead. Some of these decisions are based on what has already been covered in previous books (Spectrum and C64).

FSII - undecided on this one, there are several other flight sims down for inclusion.

Colossal Adventure - because it's an early release, it's the historic "first ever adventure" in Amiga form.
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