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PC Demos

(in order of appearance)

a short joke of a demo. cool design tho

2. 60 secs of mr. light - anadune
Very, very, VERY nice music and a cool character, but a bit empty 3d world :]

3. modular woodpecker - squoquo
psychotic music and effects. nice colour palette. pretty cool.

4. chill city - brainstorm
very cool colours and effect in the first part, after that a pretty animated city. a bit too short.

5. super cool - spacepigs & die chefrocker
a bit silly (might not mean bad ) & boring, and WAY TOO SHORT!!!

6. baardhossler - roomsoezen en baardworst
great techno music, very cool design, a bit empty

7. 35mm - napalm core
funky music, artistic design, cool, but has too many cubes

8. local warming - nuance
very nice overall design and colour palette, each object/music/effect in the right place

9. you must burn - flo
strange. mad. very strange. psychotic music, text and pictures that flood your perception. strange. mad. not too short, not too long. great!

10. undress - darklite
very, very, very nice music. stylish overall design. pretty good!

11. interstellar - fresh!mindworkz
great music. a few "seen it somewhere else" objects/effects . pretty cool tho

12. underpass - limp ninja kids
ear-breaking "music". design taken from early c64 years. very bad. it's actually good that it's short :/

13. concentrate - adapt
great effects. great objects. very nice music. cool design.

14. mrs pavlov here tells me - a moire misszio bemutaja
eye-stabbin' colours/objects, synchronized with cool music. cool objects. cool design. long

15. death of the death - spontz
good music. cool psychotic effects/objects. WAY TOO SHORT

16. regus ademordna - excess
nice design. pretty nice music. cool lightsource effects. cool objects

17. challenger deep - traction + brainstorm
cool amoeba/particle/linear effects. atmospheric, yet a bit boring music. nice colour palette. each object&effect in the right place. a bit too long maybe

18. linear - sqny
a bit psychotic but boring drum'n'bass music. effects and objects already seen 56767856243 times in other demos.

19. diego on e - raytrayza & pandur
pretty colours . cool "plastic" design. bad music. repeated effects/object all the time

20. shad 3: whitcoma - cocooon
nice 3d landscape. cool&very atmospheric objects. great music!

21. masagin - farbrausch & neuro
AWESOME DESIGN! C= & AMIGA LOGOS INCLUDED! cartoony feeling. very good music. good synchro! A MUST-MUST-MUST SEE!!!!! very long! :]

22. falling down - ukscene allstars
cool innovative design. drum'n'bass/rap music. awesome character animation&synchro.

23. the beauty - einklang
artistic design. cool objects&effects. very good landscape. good synchro. good music. a bit boring

24. metamorphosis - andromeda software development
great design. cool objects. nice effects

PS: Damn, that was long...
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