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Originally Posted by coze View Post
what was sad about it ? (sorry couldn't watch ...)
Stupidest thing I've ever seen.
A bunch of drunken guys had to throw some metallic parts at the inside of an old pc they've put on it's backside.
They had screws, and stuff like that and the first one to blackout the screen was to win.
So, the first one threw something, it went black, rebooted, but only to the bios checkup.
The 2nd one threw a few screws which wasn't enough, and I think it was the 3rd one who finally got it black'd.
So he won.
There was also one of the guys that flooded it with beer afterwards.
The commentator had a 10 minute speech before that, and the "compo" itslef took 20 seconds.
Oh yeah, the winner could take that pc home...
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