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Natami update and answers

Hello fellow Amiga users,

A friend has pointed me to you site as you seem to have some questions about the Natami project which I might be able to answer.

I'm the first time here so maybe it makes sense to introduce myself.
My name is Gunnar, on my private page you can see some of the things which I did in the last years.

To your questions about the Natami
On the natami homepage you should be able to find many answers.

Thomas Hirsch, is the brain behind the project.
Thomas makes a living a HW designer since many years. Most of his HW work is build into Telekom equipment or cars (he did quite a lot for German T-Kom and for Daimler-Benz).
Some of you might have seen AMIGA stuff that Thomas did.
For example he did the real HD-floppy for the A1200.

Thomas is working at the Natami since 5 years now.
It was a long route but now the Natami is on the finish stretch is its getting quite exiting.

Thomas did show case the Natami at the Amiga Meeting in Karlsruhe University this January. About a hundred (ex)Amiga users have seen the machine there.

I have to admit I got very enthusiastic after seeing the Natami Prototype.
Thomas is now working on the Natami60 developer system.
These system are going to be realized this summer.

Some developers have joined the Natami dev team already.
I'm keen on developing a few games for it.
You might have already seen screenshots of the first 3D flight game for the Natami that I did.

I hope these answer help you.
If you have more questions please ask them here or write them to the contact page on the natami side.

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