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I was an "Early Adopter" when the A500 came out; I still have the original Workbench 1.2 disk. All of my "Friends" didn't follow suit; they all went from a Commodore 64 to a PC compatible. The few people I met in life after that never stuck with the Amiga for very long. I attended a few DAUG meetings at the local high school (the user group in my area), but that club was short-lived and small compared to the local PC user group meetings that always filled a conference room in the Michael Starr building downtown. I did convince my neighbour, a real estate agent, to get an Amiga 500, but it wouldn't run the MLS software he needed and quickly replaced his Amiga with a PC, never to ask me for advice on anything ever again.

Yep, I was pretty much a "Drifter" in those Amiga days; meeting people once or twice to swap software, never to see them again.
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