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Ive never used anything like KaZaa or Morpheus, ive always heard bad things about them, like them being the spreaders of viruses, is this true or is it a myth?
i use Norton 2002 to scan everything i download, period.

Which is the best to use? & are they easy to use?
KaZaA, as Morpheus has had some massive problems lately, it's real easy to use, just download the p2p program, get yourself an account (free), load software, type what you wanna search for in the search box (you can also choose type - i.e. software, music, pic etc...)

KaZaa is full of Spyware and you´ll need some knowledge to get it out of there
although they claim it's not, use a good FireWall.

Do you use EDonkey as well?
no, but i'll give it a try, can someone give me some info,please?

and if people start downloading the CD32 games from me, i'll upload some more, reason being, its quite a long process!!!

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