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Originally Posted by cus View Post
slightly off topic, is just a book about the best games or games with a interesting story about em, dont know what years these were but -

Great Giana Sisters - recalled called because it was a blatant mario bros rip off. Think this was about 1986

Worms - created in blitz basic for a compition in amiga format. much later than 86.

Rise of the robots- lauded as the next coming when the first screen shots appeared turned out to be one of the worst games of all time and a running joke. Much later than 86

Prince Of Persia - Noted for very early use of rotoscoping. Not sure of date.
While it is aimed at being a collection of the best games, the other Golden Years books have put in games with an interesting story behind them. Both the other Andrew and I picked games we liked even if they didn't get the greatest reviews.

Great Giana Sisters... it's more famous on the C64 than the Amiga, I feel.
Rise of the Robots is definitely on the list for the humour value...
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