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Originally Posted by girv View Post
I did a lot of BASIC and some 6502 programming on the BBC Micros in school. They were good machines and fairly powerful for the time. They were even networkable !

My friend wrote multiplayer network Battleships for his Computer Science A-Level project on them, we had distributed Mandlebrot / Julia Set rendering and we even had plans for a multiplayer, 3D, runaround-inna-maze killin-things game a loooong time before Wolfenstein was created.

BBCs had some good and innovative commercial games too that are still worth a bash today. Heard of Revs, Chuckie Egg, Thrust or Elite by any chance?
Chuckie Egg ruled, as did Strykers Run, Apple Pie, Elite, Felix and the Factory, Felix and the Evil Weevils, and the Ultimate games looked really good on the Beeb like Alien-8 and another one I can remember the name of, had a really nifty feature whenever you walked behind an isometric building, it would remove it so you didn't get lost.
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