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Hey MethodGit,

These posts were taken from the EAB/Lemon Super League General Discussion thread:

Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
This is just in regards to our next gaming compo with PANG. There is something i must mention about which version of the game people will be playing due to the fact that back in the day when Pang was first released, i had the cracked version as did most of us, and although it worked perfectly fine, i have come to notice now that i have a different version that there are different things in it that i never noticed in the cracked version and that is the crabs and birds that constantly try to hinder your progress by flying and crawling around and generally making your life hell !!..

In a nutshell, the old cracked version was a walk in the park easy, compared to this version i loaded up tonight, so in making this clear, i think we should all be playing the same version of the game to make it fair

( maybe im wrong and my memory is failing me, or maybe i just had a really really bad cracked version all those years ago!? )
Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
I almost 100% certain ive found the right version!. It has a trainer on the crack screen ( so hopefully no-one will use it ), but it seems to match the WHDLoad version screen for screen in regards to the enemies and the fruit that drops from the top. I will up it to the Zone and PM you about it too in case you dont get this message.
I believe this version was the only one in TOSEC found that had the "helper monsters" enabled... Unfortunately though, I can't remember exactly which version it is that blade002 uploaded and we used for the competition. I'm actually in Singapore at the moment (and will be for the next 2 months) so cannot check my USB HDD with The Zone! uploads...

Hopefully blade002 can shed some light when he's online

Oh, and from memory the "helper monsters" start appearing from level 3. Could be wrong though as the competition was quite some time ago now.
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