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OK, in case anybody else is interested in it:
on the german forum at the (great tool btw) there was a post explaining how to have more resolutions even with the new nvidia drivers:

basically it's the same method as §ane explained, you just have to change some lines in the new "nv4_disp.inf".

NOTE: You need an old "nv4_disp.inf" file (eg. 21.83 etc) which contains lines as:
HKR,, NV4_Modes, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "8 768 576 60 70 72 75 85 100 120 0"

edit the NEW "nv4_disp.inf"
- first, find and change the line "UseCompressedModeFormat",%REG_DWORD%,0 (change the "1" into "0")
- delete all delta-entries (the ones in the compressed format) for all gfx-cards

now open the OLD "nv4_disp.inf"
- find the lines for your gfx-card as explained by §ane
- modify them just as §ane explained
- copy them to the NEW "nv4_disp.inf" right where the old delta-entries were
- install

for me it worked with winxp, geforce 2mx
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