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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
You cannot get a much cleaner and simpler site. Basic A-Z sub categories, alphabetical grid thumbnail listings and a powerful search?
Nothing wrong with that it's perfect and just what i like.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Apart from a possibility for layout improvement, I dont see what is wrong? (But maybe I am too close?)
Thats what i ment with "design" (layout you call it), now Exotica (as an example) has lot's of thing that can be improved but as an database it has no fault i guess.
And it's only about Amiga games right now for example you can't get an "alphabetical grid thumbnail" for other platforms gameboxes.

I don't know if Buzz wants to extend it to more platforms but if he does and also improves design/layout then it could be like the "world of gamebox art" i first wanted
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