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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
I agree with Stefan, wiki and other pages are not "simple" enough in design
Not simple enough? WTF? Explain how Exotica's "Game Covers" section is in any way complicated?

You cannot get a much cleaner and simpler site. Basic A-Z sub categories, alphabetical grid thumbnail listings and a powerful search?

Say you are looking for the Amberstar Cover. Start at the Covers page.

Select A.

Scroll alphabetically through the thumbnails to Am*

Hmmm artist is Deiter Rottermund, what other covers did he do?

Click on search, type Rottermund, select Images

All covers are linked to their Exotica Music page and the entry for that game at HOL and Lemon Amiga.

Hmm, I want to add a comment about the Amberstar drawing, I know that the original oil painting is hanging on the living room wall of Karsten Koeper, lead designer and programmer. I register for the site access, click EDIT at the top of the page and add the information.

How it could get any simpler...

You could have just searched for Amberstar on the Exotica front page and you'd have got straight there!

Apart from a possibility for layout improvement, I dont see what is wrong? (But maybe I am too close?)

Surely it's just about the information? The quality and ease of access? IMHO it doesnt get much better than this.

Perhaps automatically generating the link for the "Author search" for each cover and maybe allowing a date orientated search? But things like this can be added to the scripts.

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