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Originally posted by Bloodwych
How much RAM do you have in your PC? You'll need memory for the Amiga AND 4 MB for the JIT cache. You may have been allocating too much memory for your system to handle or not giving JIT a cache at all.

Give me your PC specs and the following:

Workbench Version?
Chipset you use (AGA, ECS, OCS) in Workbench?
Amiga RAM normally used in WinUAE (chip + fast) ?

.....and I'll place a copy of a JIT enabled WinUAE 0.8.17R3 in the zone setup and ready to go.
IBM-PC specs: Pentium 233, 64Mb, 800x600
WB Version: OS3.9 with both Boing Bags
AGA chipset
Amiga RAM: 2Mb chip + 8Mb fast.
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