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Need to boot from Wb floppy with acess to CF0:

I've replaced my A1200 120 Mb hard drive with a new 2.1Gb and I've previously made a copy of my original system to a Compact Flash card.

After the hardrive partitioning with HDToolBox, I have installed Workbench 3.0 from my original floppy's and I've made two attempts to copy the old files over to the new HD, replacing the newly installed system files but, so far, I've ended with some errors, missing files and such.

It will be much easier for me if I could simply boot from a floppy and copy the original system files and configurations over the new formated partition. To do that, however, I need to boot from a modified Workbench3.0 floppy disk with CF access.

Anyone has any idea how to setup such a Wb boot disk?

Thanks in advance.
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