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my sincerest thanks for your arrangements! I do hope you find your zone for some more work

*Ahem, now that i got that little bit of slobbering fandom out.

indeed the Amiga was killed by incompetence, impotence, ignorance and willfull dishonesty of a lot of execs.

The shame really is that some scum sucking muppets bought the name and decided to release an upgraded OS (3.5) which was nothing more than 3.1 with added PD software pre-configured. And as far as anyone is truely concerned OS3.9 isn't an OS its a nightmare! (OS4 need not apply)

since commodores demise the thieving fucktards took over, and well... stole the lot, hood-winked the community and then robbed them..

The real truth is that piracy is a cop-out for a lot of distributer's to claim that their (over priced, under-performing ) product sales are under-performing when simply people wont buy it.
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