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Ok, just to clear up a few points regarding renaming Amiga images.

TOSEC is currently limited in its detection of Amiga images as it only works on the CRC of the full 880k image. This is quite adequate for rom based images, however Amiga disk images are a very complex deal.
Ideally to properly catalog a disk, the given disk needs to be stripped down to its component files, checked against a master template for that image, have files that would change eg. (highscore, saves and config files) excluded and see if you have a positive match.
It would be nice if it were all so simple.
What about if you have extra files left on the disk, that don't belong in the template or the exclusion mask?
What if its a hybrid dos/non-dos disk with a nice intro on boot-up.
All these things could be lost in the blink of an eye if u just scan for a full match in the template file.
The only real and lossless way to do it is to detect everything on a disk, excluding only files you know will change.
There are a few other intricacies involved in this, but i'm too lazy to type in a detailed account as ths scanning technology does not exist yet

Now, in response to the LFN PeeCee vs 30 char Amiga limit.
As you may guess by now, TOSEC is limited only by its software (which doesn't do a great deal at the moment ..ahem) and we try to put as much information in the filename as possible. Any extra information we cannot realistically put into the filename is kept in a simple database. When we finally upgrade to TUGID <don't ask me where these names come from , most of these naming issues will be resolved as tugid will be an inline renamer/database which will allow us to strip a lot of the info out of the filename and into the database.

Also, TOSEC update on saturday night, i will post the relevant Amiga files to a new thread
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