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Originally Posted by girv View Post
There also seems to be a lot crammed in to what I'm assuming is an FPGA. alexh, does it seem feasible to fit all those features into one chip?
Who said he has to use one FPGA?

I'll wait and see, but the more I/O you have the more expensive the FPGA.

Just count the I/O required for:

PCI-32 (72-pins)
68k (88 pins)
SDRAM (116 pins)
Floppy disk (16 pins)
IDE (33 pins)
VGA (25 pins)
2x Joystick (14 pins)
PS/2 Keyboard + Mouse (4 pins)
16-bit Audio (In and out)
Svideo in and out

At over 400 user I/O you're looking at a single FPGA where the chip costs around the $300 mark. That's not even considering routing congestion, capacity etc.

Originally Posted by Npl View Post
if you look at the prices of 68060`s
Those are "Military" prices. End user prices are more the €80 mark. I just bought 3.

Originally Posted by Npl View Post
you`d be better of getting a powerful MIPS or ARM Processor for a fraction of the cost and emulate 68k. Those games/app that run on a 060 and dont care for chipset timings shouldn't be that hard to emulate anyway - so why even bother for compatibility on hardware-level, it only pushes the price way up.
Because you'll never be able to "emulate 68k" at the physical level any time soon.

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