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Originally Posted by Npl View Post
...a new A1200 with modern interfaces (DVI/VGA-Upscaler, Sata, Lan, USB, a normal power connector,...
I'd buy that for a dollar!

Seriously, Natami seems very ambitious for a first go at an A1200 replacement. Why all the extra SuperAGA stuff? It's cool, but surely a better way to get something (anything) finished and "out there" is to get the basics working, then add to them. Worked for MiniMig (apart from the "add" bit). Maybe its marketing as a SuperAGA board would be more competitive. I dunno.

There also seems to be a lot crammed in to what I'm assuming is an FPGA. alexh, does it seem feasible to fit all those features into one chip?

But best of luck to the Natami guys, I look forward to seeing working boards and then falling down crying when I see the price
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