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Amiga Clone Natami - Planned For Summer 2008

This project is probably the most promising Amiga clone currently. I'm in hope that they release this baby, looks like a nice Minimig killer.

The production of developer boards is planned for Summer 2008.

  • Developer board:
  • NATAMI with below specification
  • Including 16 MB high performance Chipmem
  • 68060 CPU (up to 90 MHz for CPU and BUS speed)
  • 256 MB Fastmem

NATAMI Specification:

The Natami is no expansion card but a complete computer, compatible with Commodore AMIGA.

  • GFX: SuperAGA chipset on board
    Compatible to AGA but enhancing it.

  • Supported Resolutions:
    320x256 - 1280x1024

  • Supported Pixelformats:
    Planar 1-8 Planes, HAM 6/8, 8bit Chunky, 16bit Hicolor, 32bit Truecolor

  • Video and VGA out:
    TV resolutions on TV-connector
    Automatic "scandoubling" of low resolutions on VGA-connector

  • AUDIO: SuperPaula
    From: 8bit Samples x 6 Volume
    To: 16bit Samples x 8 Volume

  • SVideo-in and Audio-in:
    SuperAGA has both SVideo-in and SVideo-out with genlock support integrated
    Audio in is provided for your convience as well.

  • COPPER: including original AGA copper

    Fully compatible with AGA-AMIGA
    Speed of SuperBlitter is many times faster than AMIGA AGA blitter

  • 2D Enhancements:
    In Chunky/Hicolor/ or Truecolor pixel mode the Super Blitter can "cookie cut" copy bobs.
    Like the AMIGA Sprites, a "cooki cut" copy needs no blitting mask.
    This enabled the blitter to use less memory and to at double speed compared to planar blits.

  • 3D Accelerator:
    Texturemapping Blitter enhancement.
    Provides Mipmapping, Subpixel 4 way interpolation, Light sources, Antialiasing

  • Amiga Compatible IDE controller

  • Amiga Compatible Floppy Disk controller

  • PCI slots to allow later upgrading

  • CPU on board
    68060 CPU on board for instant compatibility with AMIGA software

  • CPU expansion slot
    Allows upgraded to another CPU (Coldfire/PowerPC/Cell/x86)
    SLOT layout will be fully documented to allow 3rd party upgrade Designs.

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