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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
If you cannot see the difference you must be blind

Look at some of the images in the links and tell me again you cannot really see the difference.

Sure if you watch a blu-ray and then the DVD version after you might not notice, but side by side and you can tell a mile off.

Even old films look significatly better in HD than SD.
Forgot about this thread.

Yeah there are differences, granted. The standard DVD shots look kind of out of focus and softer (has that been done on purpose I wonder???). Bladerunner looks superb
On some standard DVD editions it's not unknown for them to be remastered a few times over.

I see they've still not done Back to the Future trilogy yet onto Blu-Ray This is the problem for me - I prefer the older films and some of them are less known than todays offerings It's a nightmare getting some of the less well known stuff onto DVD - Streethawk comes to mind...
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