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I have had this idea for a long time now, and I wanted to check if someone would be interested in realising it.

Imagine a web based /X or dD clone written in PHP. It would be much easier to access than a telnet BBS, and it would be much funnier to use than for example a forum like this one. Atleast for oldskool chaps like us.

Anyone else than me who'd like the idea of BBS:es popping up all over the internet again?

I need help though, I am an ascii artist, not a php coder. I'd gladly make the default logos etc. I actually did the default ascii for dD back in the days.

Maybe this could even spawn a new bbs door scene again aswell.

What do you think peeps?
I would say, rathert advance fame to do it
There were, are APIs to do this in fame, i know siegel did certain web stuff connected to the bbs but i dont know how.
Also the FTP Door is still in beta :/
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