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If I don't type this up now, I'll probably forget more. (I'll probably forget something already..)

On the WinUAE side of things, I imagine just bsdsocket.library needs to be checked. Though, other stuff like JIT and a ton of memory, etc etc are probably advisable if not needed.

With AmigaDOS, you need telnetd.device in devs: (the one I'm using reports version 1.-1..) Pretty sure it was from the amitcp.lha archive elsewhere on the forum. There's a shareware version on Aminet, and that one isn't it.. I'll attach it to this message. You also (probably) need to mount the fifo-handler (38.4 is on Aminet, though isn't that just a part of AmigaDOS? Huh.. anyhoo...)

telnetd.device needs to be configured with the file AmiTCP:db/telnetd-device.conf with the line "x y pacerate 19200" (assuming you want to allow all ( ips access...) x is the port (telnet is 23) and y is the number of connections. (I haven't tested past 3, but more might work..) pacerate is important for AmiExpress running on a fast WinUAE. It doesn't seem necessary on (some) real Amiga(s). (I know of a guy running AmiX on a real Amiga and doesn't need it..)

AmiExpress just needs node(x)/serial/internal_unit.def tooltypes to be: serial.device=telnetd.device serial.baud=19200 serial.unit=x (x being node0, serial.unit=0; node1 serial.unit=1 etc) node(x)/modem/modem.def tooltypes: modem.init=ATM0S0=0 modem.reset=ATZ modem.ring=RING modem.answer=ATA modem.offhook=ATH1M0 These are important because telnetd.device 'emulates' a modem with those Hayse commands.. And why pacerate is needed.. It sends a fast, unending string of 'RING <date>' over and over.. AmiExpress sends ATA because of the 'RING' etc.. Without pacerate, on a fast Amiga/WinUAE it goes so fast it clogs AmiExpress which just drops connection.. (my theory anyway).

Note: internal_unit.def and modem.def can actually be named anything. AmiExpress just finds whatever file is in node(x)/modem or /serial

For zmodem, I didn't do anything in AmiExpress just defaults, though only two Windows term programs would work, one was shareware, the other is mTelnet here: TeraTerm for Windows wouldn't work, perhaps because it doesn't support automatic zmodem. I'd then just connect to (my Window's IP address) Considering that works, I don't see why an outside connection wouldn't..

Did you set the nat rules on ur firewall?
If you can telnet to ur amiga(emu) inside ur lan (tried localhost?), then it must be NAT.

Btw, u should use fame (i do), as it supports 64bit adressing, which can be helpfull.
I also was a /X fanatic 4 years but switch because of this reason.
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