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Well i think these games should be included, these are some of the most famous amiga games, I have included the reasons:
(not necisarraly the best games but important ones)

Dune 2 - spawned a whole genre (command & conquer, red alert, warcraft). A brilliant and ealy real time strategy game.

Secret Of Monkey Island - Quite simply the best and one of the most fondly remembered adventure games of all time. You've just got to look at how many fan sites there are to realise how important fondly remembered this game was.

Rise of the Robots - hailed as the second coming, because of the amazing (for the time) graphics before release. A "3d" beat em up, that turned out to memorably one of the worst games of all time when released.

Great Giana Sisters - A platform game, which was a blatant rip of mario bros, was recalled not long after release, also available on 8 bits so you might have covered in your C64 book.

- Interesting because was origionally programmed in blitz basic as part of a game programming competion run by Amiga format, went on to be released on every format availalble and spawned loads of follow ups.

Prince of persia - Worth mentioning for the early use of rotoscoping, which made the animation seem ultra realistic for those days. Which leads me onto ...

Another World - Simply brilliant game, that seemed ultra cinematic. Owed a lot to prince of persia but surpassed it in every way. Remember everyones jaws dropping while watching the intro.

Alien Breed 3D - Seemed like a major breakthrough at the time, a doom a like running on the amiga. The 2d versions were far superior tho, so they might be worth mentioning.

Gimme a bit longer and i'll come up with some more, these aren't my fave or the best games, but they're ones with an interesting story. You can't really go wrong if you include anything by Team 17, Bitmap Bros, or Sensible software 9not endorsed by the royal British legion lol).
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