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Lightwave 3D

Can anyone explain to me exactly what the relationship between Ligthtwave and Toaster is?

Can I get LW to work in WinUAE?

I managed to find v3.5 which I believe is the last Amiga only version.

I also grabbed version 5.1 off the Zone.

When I first installed 5.1 it asks me for the Toaster volume on startup, I have no idea what this means. I click on cancel and it still lets me through.

I then installed v3.5 from which looks like the complete set of disks. I run it and it goes straight in without errors, but I noticed theres no save/load menu, only quit. Why is this?

Now when I run version 5.1, I no longer get the toaster error. Huh?

Are these ready to be used? Can anyone recommend a site to get me started on LW and 3D modelling?
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