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This is as close as I've come to a description of SCSI networking with Siamese RTG v2.5. It's nothing technical I am afraid.

Here is a list of SCSI controllers which are compatible with the Siamese ie there won't be any `Bus Arbitration' problems and the controllers will work side by side:

All Adaptecs

Oktagon (only ones with NCR chip!)
DKB 4091
DKB Wildfire
Surf Squirrel
DKB 1200 accelerator SCSI

(These will only work if you don't boot from them)
A4000 T
A3000 [T]

GVP Series II
(Only with the GURU ROM upgrade)

The Classic Squirrel and Phase V SCSI cards will not work.

The controllers have to have different SCSI unit IDs.

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