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SiameseRTG via SCSI

prb.Apps or prb.Hardware..? Depends one where I have the problem.

It seems that I finally have the hardware for one of the projects I've been (not) working on for quite a while...
...time to ask some very basic questions:

You know, that rather interesting Amiga->PC networking proggie.
Now, connecting via LAN - no problem, done that.
How about SCSI?
1) Why not.
2) SCSI is basically a networking protocol - I'm told.
3) MUCH higher bandwidth & lower CPU overheads. Important even with a '060 & what I have planned.
4) I'm reliably informed that SiameseRTG will work via SCSI.

Here's where it goes a bit runny...
I've never had to travel the fair & sunny slopes of setting up SCSI, let alone doing something 'weird' with it.
Ok, a bit of a lie. I slung a SCSI-II card + DVD-writer into one of my RiscPC's without any problems but that's not a real MAN's OS - I just plugged it all together & 'hello new icon on my desktop'...

I get the principle of: It's a straight chain that needs terminating on both ends with no detours & each device needs its own number...
...but can anyone tell me in words of one syllable exactly how I:
1) Connect two SCSI controllers together.
2) Get them to talk. (I guess one needs it's ID changing)
3) Set up SiameseRTG to use SCSI rather than LAN / serial. (not a lot in the docs)

Why not just give it a go?
I'd rather do it right courtesy of you nice people at the first attempt than:
-Buy / make the relevant cables
-Make some nice boxes
-Plug it all together
-Spend many happy hours not getting it to work
-Fling the lot @ the wall a few times
-Have a rant on this forum
-Have to glue / solder it all back together...

I'd like to save myself all that grief
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