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Hello alll. been lurking here a bit, figured I'd give my opinion as well. Piracy didnn't kill the Amiga outright, but was a number of smaller issues that did, as well as the C= management (Or lack of). The thˇngs that spelled doom for Amiga were, well, doom for one. anyway,
1) Cheaper/ generic hardware of comparable ability.
(Several ppl switched to PC when VGA came out with 256 color gfx, and Amiga was stuck with 32/64 ECS/EHB and 4096HAM (almost useless with games))
2) Software support was rampant for PC. I remember being amazed in '97 while vacationing in Europe, I walked into an Electronics Boutique in Newcastle, UK, and finding an Amiga section. (I've never been amazed at a windows/dos/macintosh section for games) I had to travel well over 6,000 miles to find such a store. (Probably didn't have to, but I didn't see any stateside, even Safe Harbor computers stopped Amiga software support, and they were the closest @ 40 miles from my home) This is probably due in small part to piracy, but not to an extent that actually happened.
3) 3D games.... The whole chunky/planar gfx battle, while most Amiga enthusiasts felt it was possible to texture map on an Amiga, there was about a year or 2 where nobody really made it work well. (There was progress, but nobody figured out the trick just yet) Even with the hardware the CD32 used for C2P conversions. Did any games even use that? (thinking about it, I think Gloom did)
4) After the texture mapping stuff was figured out, the pc side of things had already improved their methods. The Amiga was playing catch-up in this area, and would be until chunky gfx cards were more popular. (PCI boards and other expansions that make standard hardware Amiga compatible.. I use IDE CD-Roms, a wireless usb/ps/2 mouse, sega game pads, pc floppys with scotch tape over the second hole in case I need to x-fer something that way, etc) These methods of making standard hardware work on my 1200 are the only way I've been able to make this a viable machine capable of even writing this post. (I have broadband access, and have a 3com etherlink PCMCIA network card attached to my 1200) After so much converting and tweaking and futzing with the hardware, I've had friends/family ask me why I still use a 15 year old machine instead of run an emulator on something modern? All I've been able to reply is that I'm stubborn, I hate Microsoft, and know more about Amiga than the alternatives. And I have yet to find that elusive "Amiga" feel with anything else, including Linux. (Though I'm not too experienced with linux, having just put DSL on a PII laptop not too long ago)
EDIT: had to run and take care of my kid....
5) Commodore/Escom/Gateway/A inc management... From failing to adjust the hardware and predict where the industry was heading to being money hungary sons of #$%#@!!!, whatever company held/leased the IP rights seems to have been/ is being run by drunken coked up gorillas.. From the A600 even being considered as a console (wouldn't be bad if it had 3.0, AGA, and a 020, with a bit more expandability, but then you just have a 1200 without a keypad.. Could have been a good laptop idea, though) to the lawsuit that seems designed to kill OS4 so they can go ahead with A. Inc's OS5/Amiga anywhere crap...

6) Even with all this, the Amiga isn't dead so much as just fragmented (classic, ppc, OS4, Aros, MorphOS, UAE, etc..) and leaderless (forgot about A inc for a second. Easy to do when in denial.. oops..), with no really new (commercial) stuff, and as such is reduced to a hobbyist machine, that is good for serious work if you are one hardcore, stubborn, nostalgia addicted S.O.B. (Which I admit to being completely )

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