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Os 3.9 gurus on a1200 8mb fast 030

Hello friends, some time ago while im waiting for my 32mb stick to arrive i installed 3.9 on a spare hd i had lying around just to see hot it could be on my apollo 030 50 mhz with 8mb fast ram. The thing is that i installed the os via winuae, as in this 1200 i have no floppy and couldn't use the rescue disk, and when i putted it in the 1200 it boots well and shows me a nice workbench, but i i begin to move around the workbench it gurus after a few seconds passed.
I tried to install the two boingbags, but no luck, the first keeps crashing, and the second starts well, but keeps me telling i need install first the bb1.
I was told that it could be related to the boingbags missing that the gurus appear, but for what i know my cpu is a 030 and it should go without many fuss with no bb installed.
What do you think?
Thanks in advance!!!!
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