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This is my 100th post so please forgive me as I’m going to rabbit on a bit (feels good to join the treble figure club although it’s taken me long enough :disgusted ). Next stop the quad-club (1000+) in 2010 perhaps.

JIT enabled WinUAE can really push some numbers. Here is a shot from my Duron 800@950, so goodness knows what an Athlon XP 1.6GHz+ will do:

20.59 times faster than an 040 25! Pushing nearly 400 MIPS!

Sysinfo thinks I've got a 400Mhz 040 fitted which can't be bad. Having such a fast Amiga system (all be it emulated) can have some real benefits if you have your PC and Amiga networked.

For example:

I rendered ALL 74 of the liberation wall maps in a couple of minutes on the 400Mhz 040!!!!!!!!!! I then copied the directory over to my real amiga for play. Total time including copying directory approx. 8 minutes.

Anyone who owns this game can tell you how long this normally takes on a real amiga - many many hours, especially on my A1200 020 14Mhz.

Like Burseg said above however, you "can't beat the real thing" (Copyright 2001 Akira) - even if my real 1200 is pushing only 2.5 MIPS it still feels better running software on it.

Hey Burseg, guess you didn't bother o/cing. Don't blame you, it can be a real hassle! Have you tried the new WinUAE? The above is 0.8.17R3, the 0.8.21R2 runs MUCH slower (4X) and the whole WB is sluggish as are demos such as "RiverHorse".

DJay, I'm with you man!!!! I've got AIAB (congrats James on a job well done) but never use it as it doesn't feel like the Amiga I know and love.

Instead I've got a setup using WB 3.1 and a few extra add-ons - it was copied across a parallel cable from my real Amiga so it's an exact replica apart from the extra RAM and super CPU. Normally I'll run full-screen scanlines, but for the sake of space here is a glimpse in normal mode:

Notice the wb essentials:

noclick - drive silencer, not needed on an emulated Amiga but what the hell it's an exact copy right?

Magic WB Hack - needs no introduction.

Magic Menu - as above.

Tools Daemon - Adds command lines/programs to your menus. VERY useful when linked with magic menu. Allows you to click on an icon and run multiview or ED for example. Or run your favourite archiver with a couple of right clicks.

SmartWB - speeds up screen updates.

TTManager - allows you to change icons properties very efficiently. Aother essential.

Icon image - drag and drop update of icons (.info files)

I had a few other hacks running (eg clicktofront), but they caused problems. The above are all fine, except magic menu causes DP-V screen corruption.

In fact I’m off to start another thread where people can suggest WB add-ons from Aminet. It would be great for newbies to read and get a decent WB up and running.

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