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Originally Posted by smoorke View Post
Sorry but i havn't got any clue as to why it still fails to operate properly. I don't use dopus so i don't know if the problem exists there or if you should look elsewhere.
Uhm, just maybe one of these will work:
- menu Tools>ResetWB
- menu Workbench>Update all
- and at the risk of sounding like a dumb M$ user, have you tried a reboot?
Keep us posted on your progress and maybe someone else will know where the trouble lies.

On a side note: icons are the '.info' files. I see you still refer to them seperatly.
i've edited the message when you post the answer! it's all right...all works fine...thankyou....yeah the icon file are the ".info" i mean (sorry for my english) the info file + the directory....however thankyou!
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