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ok...first of all thanks a lot....
The Icon Action is an option to see the window with the bar of directory my ideal config was window with icon action & show all...
if i try "copy to" it works , but i can't have icon action...if i do "copy to" it works but i can't have show all...
so i've tried to copy the entire drawer "rename_me" i've created and modified in ram (icon+info) in ENVARC:SYS/ and then (from cli) i've copied the info file to def_drawer (copy to, now in ONE hard disk (windows hd) it works well, but not in the others!
i don't now if it's a (my) problem with amikit, os 3.9 or dopus...
EDIT: my previous settings in the others harddisk are "snapshotted" but i create a new drawer and it was all right (iconaction+showall).
so i think the problem was resolved...thanks a lot!

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