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I'm not sure what you mean. And i'm not familliar with amikit.
But if you are asking how to change the behaviour of drawers with no icon in it's parent drawer then you need to fiddle with ENVARC:sys/

- create a new drawer in ram: (or wherever you like, for the purpose of this example i'll be referring to ram:rename_me as the drawer you just created.)
- open ram:rename_me/ in workbench and make the neccesairy adjustments (eg. Window position and size, show all files/only icons and view by icons/name/...
- use menu item window>snapshot>window
- open a CLI or shell and type: copy to
and you're done if i understood correctly what you were asking.
If you want to apply the change without having to reboot you should also copy to ENV:sys/

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