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Enough time has passed since the last time I tried WinUAE, so this program could have been improved. However when I tried WinUAE I remember it run well ATR and other games but I saw their scrollings were not smooth like real Amiga. Therefore, to test which version is better, in my opionion you have to consider PC Vs. real Amiga.

you can config winuae to scroll like a real amiga

you need a fast computer,a descent gfx card and a monitor capable of 100hz and 120hz

for example on winuae to play any PAL game you should choose for ex 1024x768/100hz PAL ....and set native mode to FULL SCREEN+VSYNC

to play any NTSC game ..... idem config but 120hz

using that configs on winuae you can delight smooth scroll like a real amiga

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