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Thanks to all that have tried to help me.

One of my old floppy's allowed me to boot into WB. I've browsed my files and discovered that I've to run "PPLoaseg", a Powerpacker support utility, in order to run all packed files. From there, it was a breeze. Just launched CygnusED and erased the "ALock" entry on the startup sequence. Reboot and there it was! my old WB screen.

Just a side note to Mr. Hewitson's "proactive" tip. In those days, back in 1994, when I bought my beloved Amiga, a 120 Mb HD was a marvelous commodity, taking in account I was upgrading from a A500. Since year 1998 or so, I've turned to Windows PC's and I've packed my A1200 and put it on the shelf, until I saw, just a week ago, a Recorded Amiga Game on Stage6 and decided to pick it up from the basement. Then, I discovered that I've forgotten the password!! and a bunch of other stuff that I used to know about the AmigaOS. However, it's funny how human memory can be recovered if we allow our memories to become more and more clear. I'm beggining to remember a lot a stuff that I've forgot about Amiga computing.
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