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Need help on how to boot from "packed" system files

I need to boot without startup sequence on my A1200 in order to bypass the logon password which I have forgotten. The problem is that I've packed all my system files, along with all the games and apps, in order to squeeze them on the 120 Mb HD and I can't remember what was the startup command to decrunch them. I remember that I've used Powerpacker to compress them and another program was needed to "decrunch" so they could be used by the OS as they are normal executable files (something like an uncompressed header so that the file can still be executed while in compressed form). I remember also that running that program produced rainbow like flashing lines all across the screen. I've tried to boot from my original WB disks but they are damaged (bad sectors). Also, tried all the commands I could remember on the CLI but to no avail. Thanks in advance.
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