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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
Extensions! But only if you use them of course.

There are two extensions I can't live without anymore and they are :

Ad-block Plus (Which no other browser does without jumping through hoops)
Foxmarks (Which no other browser does, as far as I can see)
I agree on Adblock Plus. I also use (somewhat daily):

IE Tab - allows you to open a tab using the IE rendering engine, for sites with FF compatibility problems. (I also have it mapped for file:// URLs because I'd rather have Explorer open those as normal file system folders)
Translator - puts a working translate button on the status bar
Auto Copy - copies highlighted text, etc. to the clipboard automatically

I also have a download manager I use (can rip pages, schedule downloads, etc.) but I don't have it installed on this computer so I forget the name.
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