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Ok viddi, thoughts:

The majority have chosen, but then again I don't remember the EAB being a democracy.

-I'd like the meeting to be on my doorstep, of course, but that's not likely to happen.
-I'd like it to be somewhere convenient to travel to; so a place with v.v. local road, rail, airport that doesn't resemble a huge termite mound - I'm guessing I'm not the only one considering lugging some retro-junk along, but not if I have to carry it miles across busy (and frankly embarrassingly bad) UK public transport.
-A nice venue in pleasant surroundings would be good. Preferably with booze & somewhere civilised to sleep - I'm sadly getting too old for crashing in tents, cars, under tables...
-Gotta be CHEEP or it could be a very small meeting.

What would fit the bill..? (can only suggest specifics if it's somewhere I know)
-A big pub with function suite & rooms - there'd be food too.
-One of those conference center-type places from whom a room could be hired - most do beds + food + booze too.
-Town / village hall - amenities would be very much down to local knowledge.
-University campus - Many hire out facilities during holls.
-Small hotel - should have all we need. (think wedding reception)

What would I stay away from..?
-Big conference centers - hellishly expensive.
-Big hotels - In Liverpool there is a big / flash / famous hotel called The Adelphi: My father summed the place up well when my parents stayed there for my graduation. "I've been all over the world to some grim places but this is the WORST hotel I have ever stayed in. I see what you mean by 'scousers'." Oh, yes and they charge a fortune.

I guess I've rambled-on enough.
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