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Hmm there's not a LOT of difference between cambridge and london.

Cambridge to london is 40 minutes on the overhead and about 10. HOWEVER, if everyone's coming by train, I doubt there'll be much kit around the place lol!

Parking is a bit of a bugger in both places, though cambridge is better - wins no prizes though! They're cycle-mad up there and the little idiots are everywhere!

I think speaking to SEAL would be a good plan. I mean, its not like there's any rivalry and it sounds like they have their act together.

So yea, I think we should discuss what format its going to take and what would attract people. Because this could easily go from a full-on three-figure gathering with lots of gear, to three people in some pub in london getting very drunk discussing the finer points of how Commodore coulda done things better and what a bad bad man Ali Medhi was... lol!

Just thought I would mention, I know I nice-ish place in Hertford. Its a youth-club really. About double the size of a good-sized living room. No furniture, no bar, there are power points, but we'd need extention cords, but there's an indian restaurant accross the road, a good pub not too far away, plenty (free) parking, not far form the station or the A10 and the nicest part is its 30 to hire for the night... lol!
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