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Piracy always existed in software world but surely in the past was more incisive on the total of software around.
Here in Italy at golden time of Amiga and before piracy was particularly strong.
I remember in the '80 and at start of '90 almost all the software owned by people was pirated.
And the bad thing was that it was 'istitutional' because didn't exist laws versus this phenomenon or they absolutely weren't applied.

I remember in the 1989 i went in the shop where i bought my Amiga 500 because i wanted to buy an original game.
They have only one original game on selling,it was R Type 2.The rest of the games were copied by the people of the shop by request.
I asked for the original game.
The shop's owner tried to convince me to buy copied games in various ways.
He thought i was crazy because i wanted to spend 10 times in money than for a copied game.
At the end i went away with the original RType 2,one of 2 or 3 of the total of original Amiga games i ever bought.

Italy was one of the countries where Amiga was more sold,but when Commodore dead,the Amiga market dead quite fastly because the shops didn't sell much software because amigans weren't used to buy it.
At the same time PC market was rapidly growing and software was selling in big shops where was availaible also cheap software that people could choose as serious alternative of copied software.
I think last year when i've seen original Amiga software sold on a traditional software shop was 1996.

So i think :Yes,also piracy contributed to the dead of Amiga especially here in Italy.
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