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I`d have to say a bit of both,i still believe though what killed Amiga was some really bad decisions made by Commodore in the sale of the computer. I`ve read somewhere in another thread that David Pleasence bears alot of the responsibility for the bad descision taken,i can`t comment on that since i wasn`t privy to the details but in Gateway they had a buyer and due to the lack of interest in the platform they bit the hand off the only buyer that was interested.

I can`t comment any further because after it was sold to Gateway i left the Amiga Scene and don`t know what happened after. Piracy was a big big problem on the Amiga,games were cracked faster and faster. Imagine by todays standards if Amiga was still being developed for with the internet,back in the day cracked games were spread via post & BBS now a cracked game can be spread around the world within an hour of it being cracked,what chance would developers of had?

Sorry if i`ve repeated anything anyone else has said but i really haven`t read any of the other posts,saw the subject and decided to give my opinion.
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