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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I always found it strange that so many users ditched the Amiga so quickly when Commodore went out of business - I mean, it's not as if the computers stopped working or anything, is it? If you enjoyed using it and did what you wanted it to do there didn't seem much point in chucking it away.
In my case, and I can imagine it goes for a lot of people, I just was completely gaming addict wanting to play the awesomest games of the moment. I was very young and the Doom effect also caught me so I traded my 500 and 1200 in for a 486. I couldn't affort buying a pc while keeping my amiga which I would've loved. So yeah, I 'ditched' my amiga to play those awesome looking pc games. A while ago I bought a complete A500 set up which i'll never sell again ever as I'm not a poor dude anymore

I can imagine it went like this for other people as well, in my vicinity it did although my best friend just kept his amiga and got a pc from his parents, the lucky bastard as we used to call him.
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