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Originally Posted by fisken uno View Post
Aww, craps Difficult to say what "parts" I'm interested in. I'm interested in Golden Axe, Cannon Fodder, SOTBIII and Hero Quest... Perhaps you could record shorter versions of them as midi files? I would definitely appreciate anything I can get and I promise to practice if you'd do this for me

Btw, I'm writing and recording quite a bit at home myself. My main instruments are guitar & my voice but I need insipration for nice piano parts. That's what I'm after here... Do you feel comfortable playing to metronome? I would guess not since your playing flows very much in dynamics and tempo. But if you did, perhaps you'd record piano parts for one or two of my songs?

Mhh...I could record shorter versions but they won´t be the same, because I don´t know how I´ll play...I just play.

But you can tell me the minutes and seconds (0:00) of these parts, so I´ll know what to play on my midi keyboard.

A metronome is fine and I´d be glad to record piano parts for your songs.

Perhaps you could help me out with some e-guitar parts in the near future?
Sorry, I can´t tell you more atm.
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