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Well think of it this way. When I were a nipper, I had a miggy when I was 11. How the hell was I supposed to whazz 35 a pop on a game? Seeing as I got like 4 a week pocket money, course I was going to go off, buy 20 disks and copy them!

I still think the problem manifests itself today. Why do people chip consoles? Because 35 is a lot of money to come by in an age where the credit crunch is looming, banks are being scared off with all the rubbish credit they've handed out and people not really aware that their 10 grand of credit card debt is a severe problem.

Right now, I own a Wii and a PC. I paid full price for all 5 of my games for the Wii (even now they are still only available full price) and about three for the PC. I'm older now and earn a decent wage, but I still have to plan a few months in advance with paychecks when I could be able to afford a hot new title. Last game I bought was Crysis (And god its good!) An 11 year old taxing his parentals every month for a new game is just impossible this day in age!

But that said, piracy never affected Sega! The only console pirated games were readily available for was the Dreamcast, but then Sega's days were numbered well before the Saturn came out. Result is Sega beat a hasty retreat and went into a software only forum!

Even Sony's future development is looking shaky with the PS3. They are redeming themselves now with the relatively new availability of decent titles, but its still got a lot of work to do to catch up with the Microwissoft audience. Whether they can convince people to pony up 300 compared to MS's 170 core system remains to be seen...

But you cannot say that piracy is an easy thing these days. With system updates almost mandatory for new gen consoles, detection of modifications renders the console useless! Even if you're new gen console is not online (like my Wii is not), system updates come mandatory with popular titles. For example the new Mario Kart Wii title has a mandatory system update that runs. TBH I didn't chip my Wii as, other than not being all too bothered about owning hundreds of games, I don't quite fancy taking the risk and bricking the system!

So Piracy is no longer an issue, yet console manufacturers are still struggling and still charging top dollar for their games!

Back in the Amiga days, sure everyone copied games but as the system was still thriving even when the A1200 came out, software still kept getting made. Just look at the hundreds of titles that were available, software houses had to be making their money someplace! Blaming piracy is just another reason the industry uses to charge us all their high prices! The developers themselves are still on slave wages, the software houses get bigger, yet the games still cost loads!

When the Amiga was in its dying days, PC architecture was at such a stage that it far surpassed what the amiga could do. Add to that the administration complications AT and Commodore was going through, there was no chance the platform was going to survive! The ideal of an inexpensive off-the-shelf system was dead the day Windows 95 came out. I mean really - how could Breathless - in which heavy expansion was almost a requirement - possibly compete with the smoothness of Duke Nukem 3D or Carmageddon! Mech Warrior II anyone? By today's standards even these games are hopelessly outdated, but their still graphically better than the Amiga and at the time, it was no contest! Just the final hurdle that Commodore was gone and the Amiga was a dead platform and that Microsoft ruled the roost being as it was pretty much the only offering.

You could also argue that CD Writers weren't even out then so piracy was near impossible, however I remember big-name stores selling titles like Mechwarrior 3D and Duke Nukem 3D for 49.99 which is a simply attrocious price for a new game! That's a week's work to some! Hell, most people's car payments a week are cheaper than that!

But ultimately, what killed the amiga was a healthy mix of:
Lack of platform development
Comparitively superior performance by (w)intel systems
Conduct of Commodore and future owners of Amiga

That in itself did far more damage than an 11 year old with a disk box of games could ever do! The industry was simply pissed that their games were being copied, but nevertheless, the industry still made plenty money!
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