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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
in a word 'bollocks', and if you don't know that word, look it up.

1). Commodore going down the shitter didn't help
2). Commodore not updating the Amiga to compete with new machines didn't help
3). Migration to C programming on newer consoles meant that software companies were less inclined to do a separate asm version for Amiga, because for Amiga to get the best out of the machine means avoiding the OS, something you cannot do with C.

Piracy on the Amiga was for several reasons more present then for example on the pc. First of all that pc users on average where more capital powerful and a lot of people had one in their home not only for playing games..Second there wasn't really a scene present which seeded a culture of demoshaping, musiccomposing, programcracking atmosphere. Let's not start the snes or megadrive, you canīt compare console piracy with homecomputer piracy as most console gamers do not buy consoles while having piracy in mind. Loads of people chose homecomputer because the games are so cheap..(yeah, right pirated games) while console games are so expensive. Back in the days it was part of the homecomputer scene, because the games are so cheap and cartridges are so expensive. Man, I know lots of parents who decided to buy an ST or Amiga for their kids because you can just copy the games instead of buying them in the shops like if itīs the most normal thing in the world.

For your second point.
The amiga 1200 never really took off because during that period developers didnīt consider itīs market as profitable and that IS because of the piracy problem. People doubted about getting a 1200 because the lack of software on the horizon. It was a vicious circle. Software do sell computers/consoles and not the other way around, developers lost interest in the amiga scene because their lack of profit.

I cannot really judge on your third point but anything will be done as long it is profitable.

Finally, I do see you what you are getting and I do understand that commodore and some other factors besides piracy are to blame but just lightly saying piracy was never any problem is just being naive or hypocritical.

Every person I know who owned an amiga only played cracked games, I've never seen someone taking the effort to buy one in the shops, amiga games disapeared rather quickly in the shops therefore. You can't say this has nothing to do with amiga's demise, stop putting your head in the sand because it might also have to do with your own actions. I see everyone over here showing a lot of love towards the amiga, which is great but it really looks awful to see (ex)crackers and distributors going all in denial. I've read (like most of you) a lot of gaming magazines back in the days, I've seen plenty of interviews with game developers and designers complaining about the piracy problem and their growing doubts of developing on the amiga, their slow but certain move towards the console market and I'm sure your points are also valid to a certain extend but let's be realistic about it all as well..

We all killed the amiga, thinking you didn't do it any harm by cracking, copying, distributing thousands of programs is a tragic denial

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